World Chocolade Masters 2015 in Paris. Jeroen Goossens is member of the international jury
Jeroen Goossens and Bart de Gans are the winners of the 1st price in competition with a playing field of 20 teams

The classes by invitation of Jeroen Goossens, Master of Pastry, in the Culinair Centre of Beverwijk (city) have already started for the new season

In the photo a showpiece can be seen in the ” Country and Western” theme with 2 kinds of bonbon. Students make a showpiece out of chocolate and other ingredients within a fixed timeframe only by hand and also by making use of special tools. In order to make a successful completion of this showpiece it is requested to have both strong know-how and capability of different types of techniques. Besides the acquisition of know-how it is necessary to have properties of strong character, like perseverance and a lot of patience.