Jeroen Goossens Dutch Pastry

After more than thirty years of experience as a pastry chef, since 2010 Jeroen Goossens is an entrepreneur pastry chef. He delivers from his company Jeroen Goossens Dutch Pastry different kind of services and creations in pastry. Jeroen Goossens Dutch Pastry: for everyone who is looking for perfect pastry of high quality, advice, accompaniment or presentations.

Jeroen Goossens Dutch Pastry is your connection for custom-made pastries and can basically take care of every possible request, both for corporate as well as individual clients. From “normal” pastry to a spectacular showpiece. From 1 to 10.000 people. Delivered to or made on the location of the client. “I try to translate the wishes of the client as optimal as possible into a shape and taste: this is the essence of tailor made service. In this way together you come up with ideas about what suits the client best, the occasion and what it be like. What is the perfect pastry for the moment? The requirements you would have for a wedding cake would be completely different from what you are looking for when it is your birthday“. The customer is king.

For private individuals

Wedding cakes, cakes for special events, desserts, petit gateau, sculptures of ice, sugar or chocolate, workshops and demonstrations.

For corporates

Weddingcakes, cakes for special events, petit gateau, buffets of desserts, spectacular showpieces of ice, sugar or chocolate, product development and guidance, products for trade journals, demonstrations and workshops. International brands like Chopard, Nestlé, Swarovski, Uzurii and World Economic Forum know how to contract Jeroen Goossens Dutch Pastry for special pastry creations.

Advice and management organisation

Jeroen delivers advice concerning pastry creation and management of associated organisation. He also provides you with the opportunity to set up and configure your own pastry, such as hotel pastry, catering, manufacturers, retailshops, craft pastry businesses, and teams of pastry chefs for (inter)national competitions.

Demonstrations and workshops

Jeroen Goossens Dutch Pastry provides customised on-site demonstrations for different businesses such as suppliers, bakeries and manufacturers catering services, for example icecarving, showpieces of chocolate or sugar and dessert techniques demonstrations. If desired these can also be done in combination with a workshop, where te participants themselves are put to work.

Selective assignments

With a star

Development and guidance of many dessert creations for restaurants with a star

Royal and high quality

Wedding cakes and desserts for Royal families, desserts amongst others for presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela.

Large and extraordinary

8000 plated desserts for ABNAMRO bank, statues of chocolate for De Bijenkorf and sculptures of chocolate on the site of Schiphol Airport, icecarving at culinary trade fairs and wedding cakes up to 1000 people.

Product development

Course "Pastry The Next Level" patisserie-studio in Almere, 2022 - present, and product development for desserts for restaurants with a star.