Jeroen Goossens

Jeroen Goossens is the Master of Pastry. He is renowned in the world of international pastry and catering. From professionals to foodies: everyone knows this pastry chef par excellence. If not, they are at least familiar with his seductive delicacies. From extraordinary pastries to artistic creations: Jeroen Goossens does it all. For years now he has been counted among the global elite (according to the top French pastry chef Pierre Hermé the chocolate cake of Jeroen Goossens is even considered the best). And yes, he is also the man behind the wedding cake of Willem-Alexander and Maxima.


Since 1989 already, as court pastry chef of the Royal House of The Netherlands, Jeroen Goossens has been making pastries for special occasions and the desserts for official state banquets. And his impressive CV includes even more cherries on top. The trophy cabinet of Jeroen Goossens is just as full as his pastries, including among others awards from the prestigious Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon, where he has occupied the awards podium a number of times. He also gives personal advice and guidance to top pastry chefs at hotels, award-winning restaurants and patisserie businesses.


As an enthusiastic pastry chef, he is more than willing to share the secret of the Master of Pastry. Jeroen Goossens is a mentor of the new generation of pastry chefs: in the kitchens where he works, as coach for international pastry chefs for patisserie competitions and as lecturer in professional training environments. In addition to that he gives regular demonstrations for professionals as well as semi-professionals and hobby chefs, where anyone can learn much from him. Jeroen Goossens can rightly be called the ambassador of the pastry chef profession.


Tried-and-tested Recipe

The tried-and-tested recipe of Jeroen Goossens has perfection as its basic ingredient. He constantly pursues the challenge of further raising the bar. He is constantly trying new recipes and techniques for his clients and in his development kitchen.


“When it comes to pastry creations the results are in your own hands from beginning to end. The result is dependent on what you do with, for example, the butter, the flower, the sugar, and the eggs. From the taste to the texture, form, aroma, and colour. The challenge is to make a creation that is as optimal as possible and to provide the guest with an overwhelming experience.”