Exhibition Royal Palace Amsterdam

High-end wedding cake for 450 people

During the preliminary discussion with the wedding couple and the wedding planner ideas about the wedding cake have been discussed and designs have been made.

Jeroen made the wedding cake for the wedding couple for 450 persons according to their wishes with references to amongst others the butterflies, the flowers, the olive leaves, the draperies and the lacework according those of the wedding dress. Their initials are also processed in three ways on the cake.

This cake was made of three layers of duchesse biscuit poured over with Cointreau. A layer of jaconde biscuit on the bottom was made of almond orange crisp. The content was made out of 120 boxes of fresh raspberries and was poured over with a mousse of pink champagne. The total cake was covered by a thin layer of marzipan and was slightly sprayed with yuzu chocolade.

The cake was served as a dessert and was accompanied by a compote of fresh French white peaches marinated with pink champagne and cherry blossom oil. All decorations were made by several kind of sugar and white chocolade.

The wedding couple and a lot of guests indicated that their wedding cake has surpassed all expectations.

Photography: Wanderbros Wedding - Obrie Photography